About Us

About Us

by Larry Steele

Why Choose Us?

  1. You need to be monitoring your Online Reputation and we can help you. We offer the most extensive Reputation Monitoring Services.
  2. We help businesses with their 3 Critical List and Market their 5-Star Online Reputation primarily using video.
  3. We offer unique services, like 5-Star Reputation Videos, to assist you in creating a Positive Online Reputation.
  4. We also off Complete Social Media Marketing services.
  5. Everything to move your business forward.

Maybe, About Me. 🙂

My Business:

I am a founder of Local Reputation Management LLC, an Online Reputation Marketing company. LocalRepMgt provides Online Reputation Marketing for companies large and small. We also provide Reputation services like 5-Star Reputation Videos to market your 5-Star Reputation. We also offer complete Social Media Marketing Services and Online Banner advertising services. All to market your Reputation and get more clients/customers. Other services we provide includes the least expensive Merchant Account services for acceptance of credit cards.

Professional Interest:

I enjoy helping small businesses get more leads and more customers/clients. Having been a small business owner for 40 years, I know the difficulties most small businesses have in this area. And it is one of the most important elements in building and maintaining a business.

My Personal Interest:

I enjoy family time with my 4 sons and their 12 children, my grandchildren. I’m interested in politics and restoring our country to the way God had founded it, being the right-wing radical conservative Christian that I am.
I like to play golf, especially with my sons. And I love to watch the Oklahoma Sooners win.

I love to teach people the success principles, which never change, so they can improve their lives.

I have been blessed to be Mr. Grand-mom (like the movie) for one of my granddaughters, Summer. I have enjoyed everything about raising Summer for 10 years; I had her since she was a baby. She is now 15 years old and living with her daddy.

My Activities:

Family (especially with my grandchildren, and we are raising Summer), Work (good for my self-esteem), Golf (I especially like to play golf with my sons) and Time with God. I enjoy Daily Bible Study and worship at Church. I talk, maybe lecture, a lot about politics since I do not like how our hard fought freedoms are being taken away. God Bless America.

My Favorite Authors:

God, John Maxwell, Og Mandino,

My Favorite Quotes:

“In the beginning God…” and “But God…” (God)
“Everything rises and falls on Leadership” (John Maxwell)
“The only reason men fail is broken focus” (Mike Murdock)

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